17-21 Sep 2018 Lyon (France)

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This year's meeting is held in Lyon, on September 17-21, and organized by Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon (CRAL).

RAMSES is an open source code written by Romain Teyssier to model astrophysical systems, featuring self-gravitating, magnetised, compressible, radiative fluid flow. Based on the Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) technique, it has been widely used for cosmological simulations of the Universe, isolated as well as cosmological resimulations of individual galaxies, simulations of molecular clouds, star formation, supernovae remnants, accretion disks around black holes and planets. 

Now in its sixth year, the Ramses User Meeting (RUM) aims to bring together RAMSES users of all levels to present scientific results, new technical developments and challenges.  Participation is free of charge, but you have to organize your travel, meals, and accomodation.

In the left-side menu, you can register for the meeting and suggest a talk title and abstract. We will accept meeting registrations immediately, but talks only after the July deadline.


For the second time, we will completely dedicate two days of the RUM (Thu 20-Fri 21) to coding and documenting. The idea is to identify issues with RAMSES, tackle them, improve documentation, add test problems and brainstorm in general. Hackathon participation is optional: register only for the first three days of the meeting if you do not wish to hack. Alternatively, you can use the last two days of the meeting for science collaboration with other participants. In this case, please contact us so we can arrange the appropriate facilities.



The first three days of the meeting will be held in the MILC building, which is part of the Lyon 3 University campus and located  in central Lyon, as indicated on the map below:


The hackathon on Thursday and Friday will be held at the Monod site of the École Nationale Supérieure of Lyon, in the 7th district of Lyon and easily accessible on foot/tram/bus/metro:





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